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1. Refreshed: 00:42

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Whenever I slow down and let the universe tell me what to do, it gives me back something amazing. I slept until noon today. I woke up in time to meet my research supervisor briefly - he teased me about waking up so late - and then I headed off to a great lunch with my labmates. I decided to work at the Linux Caffe, making a serendipitous connection with an open biologist. I picked up a bunch of herbs and a pot of hibiscus on the way back, and after planting them, I found I had enough energy to go to the improv comedy night after all. It was hilarious. During the intermission, I discovered one of my passions, and now I want to make something big happen. I'll blog about it in more detail, but I've decided to blog about it tomorrow as soon as I wake up. That way, I wake up early and with lots of energy! Don't worry, I've told some of my friends already, so I'm not going to forget the idea... =)

Totally refreshed. I love how the world works!

2. Technology evangelism: 19:56

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My research supervisor invited me to give a guest lecture on blogs, wikis, podcasts, bookmarks, and other cool Web 2.0 stuff. I gave his graduate class a whirlwind tour of all these cool things that are driving the mass amateurization of the Web. I didn't even mention all the stuff I had planned. I just had so much fun talking about everything that came to mind. I love doing technology evangelism, and they appreciated my enthusiasm too! They were a terrific audience with plenty of cool ideas and good back-and-forth. They chuckled at my jokes and answered my questions - and asked quite a number of their own. That was tons of fun!

I wanted to record it, but unfortunately (a) I forgot to hit the record button, and (b) the batteries I bought just that afternoon turned out to be dead. Pfft. Oh well. I'd love to do another whirlwind tour again, though...

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