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Headlines for Saturday:

  1. Ack! (86 words)
  2. Ruby versus Java (85 words)


    Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated.
    AXSet up my CASCON account
    AX@0800 Cook pancakes for Steve
    AX@0900 Head off to Barcamp to help set up
    AX@1500-2000 Toronto Barcamp: wiki
    AX@2100 Circus party
    BX@1200-1400 Engineers Without Borders lunch: Madison Pub - Spadina and BLoor : E-Mail from Dermot Brennan
    AC@2100 Emily's birthday party


1. Ack!: 02:51

The next few days are packed. Solid. Quadruple-booked, even. Somehow I'm going to have to juggle all of that without losing my sanity. =)

So much for my plan to check out everyone before heading to BarCampTdot. Don't have time. I'll just have to do small talk the old-fashioned way.

Long view:

Sat, Sun Engineers Without Borders, Toronto Barcamp
Mon, Tue mesh
Wed Paper, improv night
Thu Paper
Fri Paper due!

Random Japanese sentence: 私たちは猫と犬を飼っている。 We have a cat and a dog.

2. Ruby versus Java: 15:02

This is totally cool. I'm in the middle of a geek crowd discussing Java vs Ruby, but there's none of that "my language is better than yours" vibe that often comes out in Linux distribution discussions. I think what's cool about it is that most people here use both, so we're just figuring out where one is better than the other for something, and how we can improve things...

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Random Japanese sentence: 彼は2匹猫を飼っている。一匹は黒でもう一匹は白だ。 He keeps two cats: one is black, and the other white.

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