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1. First baseball game: 00:16

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I watched my very first baseball game last night, thanks to Graduate House Council's awesomely discounted $5 field-level seats (face price: $34.50, pre-tax). It was the Boston Red Sox versus the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Red Sox won 8-7.

Interesting stuff. It was great going with a bunch of grad students, as many of us were completely new to the thing. ;)

I found myself unable to boo anyone, though. I clapped and cheered (quietly) for both teams! =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 彼は猫を二匹飼っている。一匹は黒でもう一匹は白だ。 He keeps two cats: one is black, and the other white.

2. Yesterday was a hot chocolate day: 00:22

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The hot chocolate at Linux Caffe (Grace and Harbord Sts.) never fails to perk me up. Yesterday was no exception even though it was a day particularly in need of hot chocolate.

David (the proprietor) received a whole bunch of free books and a number of free T-shirts from Apress. The shirts were adorable! They read "Every time Linux boots, a penguin gets its wings." I batted my eyelashes at David and he very kindly let me have one. =) I'm so hacking it.

Seneca was there, hacking away as always. Mike Fletcher was at the same table. Ian Garmaise had briefly introduced us at the other night's DemoCamp afterparty, but I hadn't really had a chance to talk to him. It was great discovering mutual friends: Chris and Emily, whom I know through tango and renaissance dancing and whom he knows through jazz. He knows a bunch of interesting people, and I'm looking forward to meeting them at a party at his place on Saturday. Whee!

In retrospect, it was good that I ended up over there for hot chocolate. =) Life works out one way or another.

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Random Japanese sentence: その猫の一方は黒で、もう一方は茶だ。 One of the cats is black, the other is brown. Sono neko no ippou wa kuro de, mou ippou wa cha da.

3. Social media for social change: 00:34

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This is one of the reasons I love technology.

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Random Japanese sentence: ある日、彼女はペットの猫がほしいと私に知らせました。 One day, she told me that she wanted a pet cat. Aru hi, kanojo wa petto no neko ga hoshii to watashi ni shirasemashita.

4. Another aspect of what I want to do: 00:36

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From netsquared comment:
Although I've studied the material provided here, what I would really like is to be able to hire someone who is 100% comfortable with these technologies to help me get accustomed to them. Like a "new media coach" ;-).

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5. Blog hiccup: 10:21

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Sorry about the blog hiccup. I messed up my template last night. =)

Random Japanese sentence: 鬼の居ぬ間に洗濯。 When the cat is away, the mice will play.[Proverb]

6. Interesting people, interesting conversations: 17:24

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It is my firm belief that if I mash interesting people together, they'll most probably have interesting conversations - and if I'm around to hear those conversations, even better.

I went to IBM, and that turned out to be perfect timing. Laurie Dillon, Pranam Kolari and Ian Chan all pinged me for lunch. I thought they should definitely meet each other, so we all met up for lunch at 12 and had a wonderful conversation about IBM intranet goodness and blogging visualizations. =) That was tons of fun.

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Random Japanese sentence: 家はねこが2匹います。1匹は白で、もう1匹はくろです。 We have two cats; one is white, and the other is black.

7. Impromptu barbecue: 23:46

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James Iveniuk reminded me that we'd planned to have some kind of barbecue tonight. I invited Jed Smith as well because he's always fun to talk to. I grabbed a bunch of vegetables and thawed two of the pork kebabs in my freezer. He brought pork chops and potatoes. Much fun was had by all. =)

Speaking of food - I had absolutely wonderful veal parmigiana at IBM today. I seriously need to learn how to cook that. The Joy of Cooking would have it for sure...

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Random Japanese sentence: 私は猫がその犬を追いかけているのをみた。 I saw a cat running after the dog.

8. Wow, what a blogger!: 23:51

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Greet this blogger happy 83rd birthday, folks! Way, way cool.

Link from Sandy Kemsley, Helen K's daughter.

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