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1. Next slide, please: 07:00

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"Next slide, please." You know, I really should just buy myself a nice wireless presenter's mouse. I'll be totally popular at conferences and stuff. I know I hate having to say, "Next slide, please" - but who has the time (and foresight) to provide someone with a script? I'm surprised no one brought one to the IBM summit, but it's a specialty item, so I guess that makes sense...

If we're heading out tonight, I'm definitely passing by a computer store and buying myself a mouse. =)

Random Japanese sentence: 最近の猫はネズミを食べない。 A recent cat does not eat the rat.

2. Awesome!: 23:01

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The IBM summit is _totally_ awesome! And quite unbloggable, so I'll just take encrypted notes... Let's just say that once again, I'm completely, completely spoiled by the universe... (and IBMers are way cool!) =)

Random Japanese sentence: 「おや、おまえさん!」おばあさんは言いました。「これはいったいどうしたのです?」「わたしはねこが一匹ほしいと言ったのに、これはなんですか」 "My dear!" she cried, "What are you doing? I asked for one little cat. And what do I see? -

3. Looking for GNOME geekettes!: 23:30

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Chris Ball wrote:
If you might have any contacts to help get the word out about a project we've just launched over at GNOME — we're going to sponsor three female students to hack on GNOME for two months.

Lots more details at:

It'd be awesome if you could pass this on to anyone who might be interested — we have a really tight deadline, with only 2.5 weeks before student submissions are due, but I know we can make this work as long as we spread the info far and wide enough. :-) Do you know of anyone at IBM who does women-in-IT work and might be willing to help publicise this?

Thanks for reading! I'd be very interested to hear any comments or advice you might have.

Pass the call on, geekettes, and join if you're interested!

E-Mail from Chris Ball

Random Japanese sentence: 「ねこか」とても年をとったおじいさんが聞きました。 "A cat?" asked the very old man.

4. Alienware: 23:43

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Check out the keyboard.

Interesting... =)

From Chris Ball:

Random Japanese sentence: 鬼の居ぬ間に洗濯。 When the cat is away, the mice will play.[Proverb]

5. Treo on Linux: 23:46

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Sweet. I want one... <laugh> Linux!

Random Japanese sentence: 私は犬の方が猫より好きだが、それは前者が後者より忠実だからだ。 I like a dog better than a cat, for the former is more faithful than the latter.