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1. Ten years hence: 00:10

Didith Rodrigo handled some of the classes of the Introduction to Ateneo Culture and Tradition - a frosh orientation thing in my undergrad university. Here's what she blogged:

One of the activities we ask them to undertake is to envision themselves ten years hence and then plot a course to reach that vision. I read through the assignments. While many students sounded pretty grounded, others, well, let's just say they need a reality check. Many were aspiring for large houses in exclusive subdivisions, luxury cars, and trips abroad. While there is nothing wrong with these dreams, I wonder whether they seriously contemplated the sort of professions they have to have in order to afford all of these. I also wonder if they asked themselves whether they will be qualified for this profession by the time they are 28.

How do I see myself ten years from now? Who do I want to be at 32 or 33?

Here's how I want to see myself at 32:

My work engages both my technical and social sides and helps me grow as a person. I write and speak about technology and how people can make the most of it. I am just starting out then, establishing myself in my field, but I show promise.

I set aside at least 20% of my work time for exploring new things and ideas, like the way Think!Friday is encouraged within IBM and the way Google has 20% time.

I am in an environment where I meet lots of interesting people and where I feel safe and energized. If this is not in the Philippines, I still maintain ties with the Philippines.

I am prepared for the next stage in my life because I have invested time in finding some things I can do really well and through which I can create a lot of value for others. I am beginning to prepare for the other stages in my life by regularly investing money.

I am in a solid, committed relationship which is for mutual joy and growth. Having met many people both in and out of relationships, I feel that I might do well in one. (I don't know exactly how that will work out just yet.)

Step by step, step by step. Someday I'll be all that, maybe even by 32.

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Random Japanese sentence: あいつ追いつめられたら何するか分からないぞ。窮鼠猫を噛むってこともあるからな。気を付けるに越したことはない。 I wouldn't push him too far. You don't know what he might do. I'd say you can't be too careful. They say even a doomed mouse will bite a cat if he has no choice. [M]

2. Phone sweetness: 02:03

I _so_ lucked out! =D

I picked up a Sony Ericsson Z520a for CAD 50.00 when I got myself a 2-year Fido cellphone contract. I figured that a new phone wouldn't be a bad idea, and if all else fails, I could use it to set up some kind of ad hoc cellphone gateway.

It turns out that I totally lucked out on my choice of cellphone. It's _beautiful!_ It lets me easily send text messages to groups and take pictures of people. Sweeeeet!

What would've made it even better? External storage. I guess I can live with 500 active contacts, particularly as the Ericsson's reported to work well with the Mac and Bluetooth synchronization lets me send _all_ the contacts.

Oh, and it would be _really_ cool if the contacts list could show pictures, or I had another thing that let me quickly flip through pictures...

Still. It's sweet!

Signed, sealed, delivered. I'm yours!

Random Japanese sentence: テーブルに猫の足跡が付いている。 There are footprints of a cat on the table.

3. A Midsummer Night's Dream: 12:06

Simon introduced Shane and me to Lois Macauley, an interior designer whom he's been friends with for four years. She invited us to a Shakespeare reading on the beaches of Ashbridge's Bay. The play: A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Whereupon I started, "If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended"—Puck's famous closing speech. Lois and I continued in unison: "That you have but slumbered here while these visions did appear." We finished the entire speech laughing.

Then she began, "How now, spirit? Whither wander you?" "Over hill, over dale, thorough bush, thorough brier. Over park, over pale, thorough flood, thorough fire." We continued until the end of that segment, and almost started on another before remembering that we had company!

The next day, Simon turned to me and told me that was a really neat party trick. I laughed. He couldn't have guessed what the play meant to me.

A Midsummer Night's Dream is a play so close to my heart, bound up as it were in memories of the wonderful grade school I attended, in the warm smiles of the principal who believed that theatre was a powerful medium for education and that every child should have a role both off and on the stage, in the firm and gentle instruction of a stage director who not only taught us how to stand and walk and show emotion but also how to seize life and live it.

How can one ever forget AMND? Among Scholasticans, it is our secret code for recognizing each other, our shibboleth. We carry it with us, each one remembering not only their scenes but also those of Oberon and Titania's dispute, Hermia and Helena's impassioned fight, even Pyramus and Thisbe's comical love and the antics of the other villagers.

I do not carry all of Shakespeare in my head. I could care less about some of his minor plays. A Midsummer Night's Dream is special to me and to hundreds and hundreds of women who were once little girls discovering theatre. It is through AMND that we discovered Shakespeare and ourselves.

Random Japanese sentence: 猫はつめを引っ込めた。 The cat retracted its claws.

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