Headlines for Tuesday:



1. TorCHI social: 00:30

As Gabriel Mansour went to all the trouble of e-mailing, texting, and calling me to make sure I got to TorCHI, I thought it would be a good idea to go--and it certainly was! I had a lot of fun conversations about interpersonal communication (heh!), Tupperware, and other things. Good stuff!

Random Japanese sentence: 彼の年老いた猫はまだ生きている。 His old cat is still alive.

2. Meep. Slight problem.: 12:57

My power adapter's just about ready to give up the ghost. The cord connecting the adapter to the laptop has frayed near the plug, and it's the part that's integrated with the adapter, not the replaceable cord that connects it to the power outlet. Fujitsu Canada sells the part for CAD 55, but requires a Canadian-based credit card, and PC Financial just declined my application. (Boo! I guess I'll have to go for the secured TD credit card, then.)

Mmkay. Problem-solving mode. Here's what I can do:

  • Buy external 2.5" hard disk enclosure, grab my data off my hard disk and pull it into the Vaio. Possibly get a new hard disk for the Vaio too, as I remember being almost out of space on that one.
  • Shift to the Vaio as my main computer.
  • Set up TD secured credit card.
  • If Vaio sucks after one month of typing (check for RSI!), order power adapter and new main battery.

Sounds like a plan.

Random Japanese sentence: 私はこの猫の世話をしなければならない。 I have to look after this cat.

E-mail sent

  1. Rick Mason: Want to come to DemoCamp? =)
  2. Pavel Zaitsev: Great stories! =)
  3. Gabriel Mansour: =)
  4. Brian Wilson: Re: lunch tomorrow
  5. Stephen Perelgut: Re: I've got a job for you.
  6. Adam: What an interesting conversation =)
  7. rock jethwa: Nice meeting you at TorCHI
  8. Harumi Takeshita, Eric Tursman, Calum Tsang: Pie off
  9. Steve D. Cooper: DemoCamp tomorrow (Tuesday, July 25)