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Headlines for Thursday:

  1. Laptop adspace sold - and to a totally cool company! (80 words)
  2. Sharing the link love: advertising on laptop lids blog roundup! (171 words)

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    AXGo to IBM
    ACE-mail Pierre Sullivan with updates
    AXLook into getting business cards printed
    AXHang out with Jed


1. Laptop adspace sold - and to a totally cool company!: 20:51

Orange & Bronze just bought most of my laptop ad space for the weekend! And they're a company I *really,* *really* like anyway!

More details to follow, and more link love for all the totally awesome people who've picked up the story and the idea. I'll do a vidcast!

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Read about my laptop ad campaign, and digg it - it's a cool idea, and I'd love to see other people play around with it!

1. Sharing the link love: advertising on laptop lids blog roundup!: 21:24

Thanks to everyone for getting the word out! It's a really cool idea and I hope people pick it up. I'll explore it more for possible business ideas, but feel free to take the idea and run with it. Have I missed a blog post? Please e-mail me or use the comment form on my site. Thanks!

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  5. Joey Alarilla: advertise on sacha chua's laptop
  6. CNet Asia Blogs: Cute geek girl wants you to advertise on her laptop
  7. Von Totanes: Laptop adspace for rent
  8. Katesgasis: Asides
  9. J. Angelo Racoma: Problogger idea: ads on laptop lids

And of course, props to Orange and Bronze for buying ad space!

If you're interested in advertising on my laptop after BarCampEarthToronto, e-mail me and I'll get back to you after the experiment.

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  2. E-mail to Dan Howard
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