Headlines for Tuesday:

  1. Oopsie 01:54
  2. The power of a good nap 21:59

Work on research



1. Oopsie: 01:54

Hate it when I plan to go to sleep early and a tech problem comes up. Forgot my domain account password so couldn't update sachachua.com to reflect new IP address. Cause of great annoyance. Had to guess lots of possible passwords. Argh. Problem when you have your browser remember most passwords, and then you change computers...

2. The power of a good nap: 21:59

I feel that I'm stretching myself a bit too thin again, so I might just cancel my Thursday stuff. I scheduled something onto Wednesday, my usual emergency break, but that's okay; it's fairly low-key. =)

Had to take a nap earlier. Slept at 5:30 PM, didn't get up until 9. Still feeling a little bit fuzzy. Also, now realize that I'm starving.

Find myself dropping the ball on too many external responsibilities. May need to cut back and list things to make sure I don't forget...

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