Headlines for Wednesday:

  1. Step out of your comfort zone (26 words)
  2. My mom's blogging! (54 words)
  3. VPN! (48 words)
  4. Backlog: Software Freedom Day (196 words)
  5. Momblogging (64 words)



1. Step out of your comfort zone: 01:00

Didith Rodrigo: Disturb Us, O Lord

However you want to refer to whatever makes you try to be greater than yourself, this prayer rings true.


2. My mom's blogging!: 01:31

And she writes better than I do... <laugh> She's totally awesome! I'm looking forward to reading more stories from her. I should ask her if I can link to her...

Okay, that's it, I'm spending all of Friday catching up with my blogging backlog. Promise! And then I'll get on the story-a-day wagon too...

3. VPN!: 11:20

Hooray! Finally! Network access from my laptop Just Works!

This means I can work on my research from my regular computer instead of cramming it into one day a week. I just need to figure out how I can free up more space on this system...

On Technorati:

4. Backlog: Software Freedom Day: 11:20

Goodness, I have *such* a blogging backlog. Here's a story about Software Freedom Day last 2006.09.16 that helped me learn a little bit more about what I love doing. =)

Jane Zhang e-mailed me the night before. The projector plans had fallen through. She asked me if I knew anyone with a projector or knew anywhere they could rent one on short notice. I remembered that Roger Yang brought a projector to a vegetarian food fair a few weeks ago, so I forwarded her request to him. I was glad to hear that it turned out well. Good karma points all around!

The funny thing about favors is that they draw people closer together. Who keeps score in these things, anyway? I get a warm and fuzzy feeling (hereafter abbreviated as WAFFy) about Roger for helping Jane out with this, and I look forward to, say, going rockclimbing with him this weekend. I get WAFFy about Jane for thinking of me and giving me this opportunity to help out. And I get WAFFy about being able to make that connection, too. They're both awesome people.

So that's story 1 for Software Freedom Day. More to follow!

5. Momblogging: 11:25

My mom would rather that I don't directly link to her blog, which is a pity because you won't get to read her totally awesome stories, but it's also good because embarrassing kid stories of mine would no doubt turn up as well. ;) <grin> So you'll just have to get to know my mom yourself, and ask her really really really nicely. ;)

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