Headlines for Thursday:

  1. Clearing e-mail clutter (40 words)
  2. Rotman School of Management: Nexus for non-profits (103 words)



1. Clearing e-mail clutter: 11:23

I've set almost all of my Yahoogroups mailing lists on Special Notice only to curb my inbox overload. I'll reenable them as I miss them, if I ever. =)

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2. Rotman School of Management: Nexus for non-profits: 11:45

Ushnish Sengupta told me about Nexus, the Rotman School of Management's initiative for providing low-cost services to non-profit organizations. Already in its second year of operation, Nexus has helped many non-profits through affordable management consulting and other services provided by MBA students and a network of mentors.

I'm glad to see that Rotman (part of the University of Toronto) is doing cool things like that. It's a great way for students to gain real-world experience, and it should be fun getting to know the people in the program.

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