Headlines for Friday:

  1. Minutes from meeting on Thursday (161 words)
  2. Check out Hack Night! (43 words)



1. Minutes from meeting on Thursday: 14:27

Attendance: Dave Kemp, Sacha Chua
From 2:10 to 2:30 or so

  • Apologies for miscommunication: Sacha had written down the meeting for 1:00 but for some reason thought it would be 2:00 instead.
  • Briefly discussed Sacha's actor-network map for the economic effect of open source development in developing countries and Dave's actor-network map for open content
  • Dave focuses more on content creators, while Sacha focuses more on "content remixers" adapting global content for a local market. MJ will focus on content distributors. Neat, isn't it?
  • Sacha's AN map includes proprietary content developers (notably foreign proprietary software companies), which actively try to discourage open source development and adoption. On the other hand, Dave's AN map shows how proprietary content organizations assimilate open content (indie movies get bought up, etc).
  • Maybe our joint AN map can discuss the open economic model?

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2. Check out Hack Night!: 14:39

In Toronto from Oct 16 to 19? Come to Hack Night on Oct 17 (Tuesday)! It'll be fun. Free pizza, free T-shirts, computers, Net, lots of geeks... Sign up today!

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