Headlines for Tuesday:

  1. Remembering to breathe (94 words)
  2. The programming competitions continue... (51 words)



1. Remembering to breathe: 11:31

One of the things about always being on, always working on stuff, is that it's sometimes hard to remember to just breathe. I'm glad that Simon's around to remind me of these things and to share those moments. He came over last night. We talked until almost one o' clock. I showed him the video of my Emacs presentation, and he laughed and regretted missing it. Much of the time, though, we just sat on the couch and relaxed. Note to self: when I have my own place, I need a more comfortable couch...

2. The programming competitions continue...: 14:22

Didith Rodrigo's blog post about Ateneo's performance in the ACM Intercollegiate Programming Competition reminded me that the first-years I taught are in their fourth year now, and will soon face the Real World. I miss teaching...

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