Headlines for Thursday:

  1. It's one of those blah days (137 words)


2006.11.10 New project proposal for Julie Waterhouse
2006.11.13 CAS proposal deadline, noon
2006.11.14 KMD2004 backgrounder article deadline
2006.11.20 MIE1402 research paper critique deadline
2006.11.30 Self-imposed deadline for prototype



1. It's one of those blah days: 19:23

I stayed up late last night and didn't feel too well this morning. In fact, I ended up getting out of bed at 2. =( No sunlight whatsoever today, although the splash of color from my sun mobile made me smile.

But yes, it's just one of those gray days.

My dad said that anyone can do what they love to do. The mark of a professional is doing it even if you don't love it at the moment. I'm still learning how to do that. I procrastinated a bit by making new cards. But there's much work to be done and many deadlines on my horizon.

Step by step. I just need to keep moving forward. =) I'll get through this.

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