Headlines for Thursday:

  1. Usability Camp (344 words)
  2. Mesh planning party (395 words)
  3. I heart my mom (73 words)
  4. Phone statistics for Oct 11 - Nov 10 (107 words)



1. Usability Camp: 17:48

When Mira Jelic and Jyotika Malhotra told me about UsabilityCamp, I immediately signed up. Good thing I did, too. The event filled up quickly and more than a hundred people were on the waiting list. If last Tuesday is anything to go by, the next UsabilityCamp will probably fill up in a few hours! <laugh>

It was great crossing over into a different world and learning more from user experience designers who focus more on user interactions instead of code. My favorite presentation? I can't decide between Ilona Posner's demonstration of these very cool immersive devices that let kids (and adults!) experience what it's like to be a cat, frog, or butterfly, or Michelle Ivankalc(sp?)'s talk about the physical design of objects.

I really enjoyed getting to know a bunch of new people, too. I met Paul Forest, who's on the steering committee of the International Game Developers' Association (Toronto Chapter). He's looking for a development job, and has experience in everything from C++ to Java to .NET. Richard McCann asked me about technology evangelism when he noticed it on my nametag, and we ended up talking about his newly-fored company called IdeaFarmer. I met Veau Trotter for the second time (first was at Enterprise2.0Camp). I met Daniel Tsang again, too, and we chatted a bit about FreshBooks, a web-based accounts receivables system. He told me about monkeyonyourback, which I should definitely look for. I also got to know Robin Ward, and we got into an animated discussion of extensible software (Emacs for me, Firefox for him). I should ask him about the Firefox extensions he wrote...

I was particularly glad to have an opportunity to chat with Mira Jelic and Jyotika Malhotra, both of whom are very cool people (in both tech *and* style!). Kudos to them for organizing a great event, kudos to Ilona Posner for pulling in more sponsors and speakers, and kudos to everyone for making the event tons of fun!

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2. Mesh planning party: 19:47

If you've been wondering why I haven't been blogging lately, that's because I've had just *so* much to do and so many interesting events to go to. Last night's planning party for the Mesh Web 2.0 conference was definitely worth the late night. It was held six months after the conference, apparently by sheer accident. Just like the conference, the planning party was full of totally awesome people.

I really enjoyed catching up with Mark Evans and thanking him for his blog post about me, which my mother has no doubt printed and framed. Stuart and the rest of the Mesh organizers were there, of course. It was nice catching up with Michael O'Connor Clarke and learning of his love of Heinlein books.

I met tons of new people, too. Sulemaan Ahmed and I had a lot of fun explaining the benefits of LinkedIn and other business networking sites to Lesley Sturla and anyone else within earshot. Craig Borysowich has a company called Imagination Edge. Adam Clare's awesome. He runs a blog called Things Are Good. How can you not like that? Rob Schaumer and Eric are cool, too. Rob's into personal development, and has just started blogging. Joseph Thornley and Chris Clarke are both from Thornley Fallis, and Chris Clarke runs a blog called Student PR. That's nifty. Mark Ruddock looks like an interesting person, too - "entrepreneur in residence"? Wayne Gomes and I chatted a bit about the value of blogging. I briefly chatted with Gary Grant and Lars Hansen, too. Connie Crosby told me about her library blog. Jeremy Wright remembered me from Mesh because of my little black Moleskine notebook. Kevin Magee introduced himself just as I was heading out, telling me that I looked like an IBMer. He remembered that I'm an evangelist. =) (See? Memorable!)

And of course, it was a great excuse to catch up with Brent Ashley, Leesa Barnes (whom I haven't seen since August!), Craig Saila (I will finally get to sit down for hot chocolate with him on Saturday), David P. Janes (who reminded me to blog more often), and other folks.

This is starting to read like a society column focusing on the Toronto tech scene... <laugh>

Anyway, great party, awesome mix of people, tons of fun, now time to decompress.

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3. I heart my mom: 20:45

I'm telling you, my mom airmails me every penguin stuffed toy she comes across. =) And snack food, too. And Christmas cards, hint hint. Now that's a care package...

And I love how she reassures me after roommate difficulties by blogging about her experiences with roommates long long ago. It's nice to hear other people's stories...

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4. Phone statistics for Oct 11 - Nov 10: 23:48

444:43 local minutes
209 messages sent locally
13 messages sent internationally
109 messages received
2 roaming messages received

Sept 11 to Oct 10

563:32 local minutes
46:00 US and roaming minutes
257 messages sent locally
42 messages sent while roaming
7 messages sent internationally

Aug 11 to Sept 10

762:57 local minutes
1:00 US and roaming minute
495 messages sent locally
3 messages sent while roaming
6 messages sent internationally

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