Headlines for Thursday:

  1. A slice of life: laundry (362 words)
  2. Crashing twice (90 words)



1. A slice of life: laundry: 20:23

Some days the laundry piles up, and up, and up, and then I realize that my favorite malong is at the bottom of the heap and it would be silly for me to rescue it again considering that I had dug it out of the crumples and folds thrice or four times already.

Then I strip the sheets from the bed and dig up all my towels, sort my clothes into things I would trust to the washing machine (only my linen and the pajamas that no one ever sees) and everything else to be washed by hand. My drying rack is limited, so I pick my favorite clothes out from all the rest and throw them into a growing pile of red and orange against the bare gray concrete walls and gray carpet of my room. The rest stay behind, like the kids always chosen last for games. I feel no guilt. Life is too short to wear clothes you don't love.

The basket now empty, I throw the linen into it and trudge downstairs to feed it to one of the racks and racks of laundry machines. While the machine chugs, I divide the hand-washing pile into clothes that can stand hot water and clothes that require cold water or separate laundry.

I have a disturbing number of clothes that require particular care, but I like them too much to give them up. Besides, hand-washing is almost meditative. Plunging my hands into sudsy water that's almost too hot, then into soapy water almost too cold to bear, I remember Japan and its baths.

And then it is a matter of wringing things out and hanging them up to dry, taking care to separate the items that bleed. Oh, how the malongs want to color all of my clothes red and purple, and the jeans want to color everything blue! Now my hand-washed laundry is neatly laid out at the foot of my bed, all before the machine has finished washing my load of sheets. I finish hanging up my clothes, and head down to put my sheets into the dryer.

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2. Crashing twice: 21:53

If Microsoft Office crashes, it usually gives you back the auto-recovered document. Unless, of course, it crashes again while you're trying to save the auto-recovered document from the last crash.

This is not fun.

However, it's entirely my own fault for not saving often, and there's no point in getting stressed out about it anyway.

So I will trudge on with the rest of this paper, and tell you fun stories about Wicked some other time.

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