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  1. Weekly report: 2006.11.20 - 2006.11.26 (693 words)



1. Weekly report: 2006.11.20 - 2006.11.26: 20:53

Wrapping up with schoolwork requirements has kept me very busy. We're nearly done with the knowledge media, culture and society course: only two more requirements to go. The statistics course is also wrapping up. I don't think I'm quite cut out to be a researcher. Slicing and dicing numbers looking for relationships isn't nearly as fun for me as going out there and making things happen. Still, I'll get this last bit of coursework out of the way.

I've also made a lot of headway. It amused me to hear from Stephen Perelgut that on all the different metrics Pranam Kolari used to measure influence within IBM's blogosphere, I was consistently in the top three. That despite really only coming in once a week, and being a student at that. ;) Who can tell what I'll do when I focus on this? I must finish my thesis quickly so that I can find out! I spent Friday prototyping, and have made much progress.

This week has been *fantastic* in terms of my career. I had dinner on Monday with the chief technology evangelist of Techsmith, Betsy Weber. She confirmed many of the things I love about technology evangelism, and said that she really enjoyed her job. Joey de Villa, developer evangelist at Tucows, said that technology evangelism was the best job for a technical extrovert. And then Dean Michael Berris told me of the newly-launched Global Network of Technology Evangelists, which will be holding its first conference on December 4! I'll move heaven, earth, and final exams to be there.

The best thing about this week, though, was learning so much about life. The ripples of last Saturday's misunderstanding taught me much about love, and I'm still learning. On a long walk around the chilly University of Toronto campus, Gabriel Mansour shared one of the really difficult challenges facing him. I learned so much from that conversation, and I hope to have helped him by listening. I watched Wicked with Wayne Young and learned how much fun it was to share something like that with a friend. I had a wonderful conversation with Wayne Young and Quinn Fung over dinner on Friday, and then again with Quinn, Roger Yang, and Naomi on Saturday, and I got to catch up with Craig Saila as well. And I finally got to talk to my mom again this morning, although Skype didn't work... Darn technology!

One of the things that struck me the most about this week was something Wayne said in our conversation with Quinn last Friday. He mentioned how the previous generations prioritized work first, then their relationships, then themselves. This generation puts self first, then relationships, reasoning that if the first two are sorted out then work will naturally fall into place. I had told them a little bit about my distress this past weekend, rationalizing it away by saying I need to focus on getting my act together first in terms of career and a place to live. Quinn gave me The Look and told me not to run away from things like that. I really appreciate having friends like them. =)

Quinn's right. Wayne's right. Many many conversations and drafted letters and read books later, I'm starting to understand a little bit more about life. I feel optimistic about things. Between Simon's trip to Florida to visit his grandparents and my trip to California (we hope!) to visit evangelists and my six-week vacation in the Philippines (yippee!), we won't get to spend a lot of time with each other, but I'm sure we'll work things out.

So that's been my week so far: a lot of learning about life.

Next week is also going to be a little hectic. I'll be wrapping up coursework, for the most part. I need to convince Mark Chignell to let me take my final exams early so that I can go to California to meet those technology evangelists. Something tells me that this is a Good Thing to Do, and that it will definitely be worth it. =)

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