Headlines for Wednesday:

  1. Hot chocolate and happiness (64 words)


2006.12.04 MIE1402 Final exam
2006.12.08 MIE1402 Assignment 3 deadline
2006.12.11 Lasso presentation on mashups
2006.12.11 Blue Horizon presentation ready for review for Vancouver
2006.12.21 Blue Horizon presentation ready for review for Niagara
2006.12.17 Blue Horizon presentation ready for review for Montreal



1. Hot chocolate and happiness: 21:37

Thanks again to all those whose hot-chocolate thoughts and conversations reminded me that the world is actually quite a wonderful place, even though it throws you for a spin once in a while.

Life is going well. Research is going well. Love, ah, love is making me learn. But it's all good.

Random Emacs symbol: ido-work-directory-list - Variable: List of actual working directory names.

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