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  1. OMG, Sun evangelized the Philippines!! (121 words)


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1. OMG, Sun evangelized the Philippines!!: 17:26

I'm at the first Global Network of Technology Evangelists conference, and I'm practically bouncing out of my front-row seat. In front of a hundred of Silicon Valley evangelists and other way cool people from as far away as Beijing, Scott Thompson of Sun Microsystems talked about JEDI as ultimate evangelism. Right. He even showed pictures of the Java teachers from all over. Glowing testimonials about the Philippines. Wheeeee!

I couldn't help but whisper to Betsy Weber: "Psst! That guy in the blue shirt in the top photo - that's one of my best friends!"

Yes, Mario Carreon, you are Internet-famous... ;)

I'll look for the webcast ASAP. =D

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