Headlines for Wednesday:

  1. Non-stale snail mail (41 words)



1. Non-stale snail mail : 00:10

Wow, this is a first. I've actually written and stamped all of my postcards *before* reaching the airport, which means I'll probably remember to drop them off before I reach Canada...

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  1. Card to Sammy Rashidchi
  2. Card to Ernest Baello III
  3. Card to Richard S. Hockett
  4. Card to Scott Golder
  5. Card to Byron Richard Uy
  6. Card to Mor Naaman
  7. Card to Quinn Fung, Leigh Honeywell, Jedediah Smith
  8. Card to Dean Michael Berris
  9. Card to Ching Chua Valdezco
  10. Card to John Paul Vergara
  11. Card to Janette C. Toral
  12. Card to John Oxley
  13. Card to Joey de Villa
  14. Card to John Sullivan
  15. Card to Simon Rowland
  16. Card to Harvey Chua
  17. Card to Richi Plana
  18. Card to Gay Velez
  19. Card to Kiran Patel
  20. E-mail to Winston Damarillo, dae unisa
  21. Reply to martin de leon
  22. Reply to Steve Gershik - sent yesterday