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Headlines for Monday:

  1. Christmas letter prioritization (182 words)


    Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated.
    AXWork on prototype
    AXMake sure I have postal addresses for everyone I must mail
    AX@1000 Cram IBM presentation
    AX@1300 Mashup presentation
    AXGo to IBM
    BX@1730-1930 CATA-WIT holiday socials : E-Mail from Roger Yang - Bay and Front
    BX@1930-2200 Andrew Burke's 36th birthday: Foxes' Den, Bay south of Charles - 1075 bay street E-Mail from Andrew Burke
    AC@2100 Chat with Simon


1. Christmas letter prioritization: 00:02

Hmm. The prospect of sending a Christmas letter / annual report to 500+ people is a little overwhelming. Granted, some of those are getting-back-in-touch letters. I'm going to have to prioritize people into must-send and optional. I will still be addressing the letters by hand, after all!

I think I'll write out my letter long-hand and have it photocopied. I think I'll lay out a few pictures or perhaps use my icon or a malong pic - something that will photocopy well in black and white. No sense in just printing the darn thing. Too boring. I may as well e-mail it, but there's no point in that, either. ;)

I might also have to divide this into stuff to send from the US/Canada and stuff to send from the Philippines.

Okay. There are around a hundred people I *really* should mail or else I will be a delinquent friend... Mindboggling, isn't that?

I'm going to have to e-mail people tomorrow to confirm their postal addresses. Emacs to the rescue, you bet!

Random Emacs symbol: w3m-http-url-path - Function: Path of the HTTP-URL.


  1. E-mail to Andrea Maja Kho
  2. E-mail to Natalia N. Modjeska
  3. E-mail to Rami
  4. E-mail to Bart Mindszenthy
  5. E-mail to Scott Roy
  6. E-mail to Sharon Sehdev
  7. E-mail to Allan Strader
  8. E-mail to Ann White
  9. E-mail to Cathy Bogaart
  10. E-mail to Syed Dilawar
  11. E-mail to Laurie Dillon-Schalk
  12. E-mail to Simon Ditner
  13. E-mail to Mike Edmonds
  14. E-mail to Anton Mari Zachary B. Elep
  15. E-mail to Richard Eriksson
  16. E-mail to Marcelle Fabie
  17. E-mail to Bibs Figueroa
  18. E-mail to Mike C. Fletcher
  19. E-mail to Karen Quinn Fung
  20. E-mail to Inda Gage
  21. E-mail to Ian Garmaise
  22. E-mail to Enrique Gonzales III
  23. E-mail to Ranulf Goss
  24. E-mail to Richard S. Hockett
  25. E-mail to Leigh Honeywell
  26. E-mail to Dan Howard
  27. E-mail to Lawrence E. Hughes
  28. E-mail to Jan Michael Ibanez
  29. E-mail to Mira Jelic
  30. E-mail to Ernest Baello III
  31. E-mail to Mike Bailey
  32. E-mail to Dean Michael Berris
  33. E-mail to Susie Blanco
  34. E-mail to Dave Brown
  35. E-mail to Andrew Burke
  36. E-mail to Mario Carreon
  37. E-mail to Charlotte Kendra G. Castillo
  38. E-mail to Clair Ching
  39. E-mail to Dominique Cimafranca
  40. E-mail to Dino Paolo Cortes
  41. E-mail to Shane D'Costa
  42. E-mail to Joey de Villa, Wendy Koslow
  43. E-mail to Simon Law
  44. E-mail to Diane Lazaro
  45. E-mail to Gino LV. Ledesma
  46. E-mail to Mia Levine
  47. E-mail to jaclyn lim
  48. E-mail to Patrick Miguel
  49. E-mail to Letitia Montana
  50. E-mail to Sue Montelibano
  51. E-mail to Raquel Nakayama
  52. E-mail to Jennifer Nolan
  53. E-mail to Charo Nuguid
  54. E-mail to Michael Olson
  55. E-mail to John Oxley
  56. E-mail to Martin Patacsil
  57. E-mail to Kiran Patel
  58. E-mail to David J. Patrick
  59. E-mail to Stephen Perelgut
  60. E-mail to Ted Pesando
  61. E-mail to Richard Plana
  62. E-mail to Jerome Punzalan
  63. E-mail to Mark C. Punzalan
  64. E-mail to Peppy Salita
  65. E-mail to Tim Sanders
  66. E-mail to Jennifer Schachter
  67. E-mail to Robert Lumba, Monica Lumba
  68. E-mail to Paul Lussier
  69. E-mail to Gabriel Mansour
  70. E-mail to Don Marti
  71. E-mail to Goran Matic
  72. E-mail to Colin McGregor
  73. E-mail to Michael McGuffin, alice servera
  74. E-mail to Federico Sevilla III
  75. E-mail to Alex Sirota
  76. E-mail to Ian C. Sison
  77. E-mail to Jedediah Smith
  78. E-mail to Sander A. Smith
  79. E-mail to chaya thanhauser
  80. E-mail to Bill Thanis
  81. E-mail to Tom
  82. E-mail to Chiba Tomoko
  83. E-mail to Janette C. Toral
  84. E-mail to Von Totanes
  85. E-mail to Calum Tsang
  86. E-mail to Mike Tsang
  87. E-mail to Byron Richard Uy
  88. E-mail to Sean Uy
  89. E-mail to Gay Velez
  90. E-mail to Paolo Vanni M. VeƱegas
  91. E-mail to Eric Vidal
  92. E-mail to Sam Watkins
  93. E-mail to Betsy Weber
  94. E-mail to Joe Whitney
  95. E-mail to John Wiegley
  96. E-mail to Paul Wilson
  97. E-mail to Roger Yang
  98. E-mail to Wayne Young
  99. E-mail to Pavel Zaitsev
  100. E-mail to Simon Rowland
  101. Reply to Pierre Duez - sent yesterday
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