Headlines for Tuesday:

  1. Not panicking (94 words)
  2. Ah, found wallet (14 words)

Work on research



1. Not panicking: 14:42

My wallet exists somewhere in my suite. I know because I had to take my room key out of it in order to get in.

I opened the door, put the key into my bag, took off my shoes, and dropped all of my stuff on my bed. I then charged my iPod, phone, and laptop, cleaned out the fridge and freezer, and packed last-minute stuff.

It's not in my backpack or purse, where I'd logically put it if I were paying attention.

I think I'll nap for twenty minutes. Maybe that will help.

2. Ah, found wallet: 15:47


Random Emacs symbol: delete-frame - Command: Delete FRAME, permanently eliminating it from use.

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