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1. Starting life on the lecture circuit: 19:15

My dad gave a day-long seminar on photography to more than fifty photographers from Naga and surrounding areas. He's been thinking about speaking more often, and because we were in Naga for wakeboarding anyway, he figured that he might as well. He was worried that there wouldn't be enough material or that there would be too much material and people would be bored. I think the audience would've happily listened to him for a few more days!

He regaled them with anecdotes, showed them great shots, and shared some of the tips and tricks in advertising photography. I learned a few new things, too, like using a backlight for all my CookOrDie food shots to give definition, and using black backgrounds to bring out color. I may yet learn how to shoot portraits...

He showed off his improvised equipment with glee. A styrofoam box turns into a light box for a fraction of the cost of regular equipment. A piece of plexiglass results in a million lighting possibilities. He knows how to shoot on a shoestring budget because that's how he started. With a passion for photography and a can-do attitude, he made everything happen.

My dad has always loved sharing what he's learned. My mom told me how, when my dad was starting out, he asked an established photographer about a shot. The photographer refused to teach him, telling him, "That's a secret." Then and there, my dad must have resolved to share everything he could--and sometimes a few things he shouldn't, to my mom's chagrin!

I can't believe my dad was once shy. My mom said that when she first got to know him, he answered each of her questions with a single word! "So you like photography?" "Yes." "What do you like shooting?" "Anything." Now you can't get him to stop talking! ;)

My dad doesn't need Toastmasters training or anything like that. He does it all naturally: exciting vocal variety, vivid body language, dramatic pauses, and a strong rapport with the audience... Wow.

My mom learned that she also needs to be able to speak at the drop of a hat. She found out about seminar just a few days ago, when she read a post by my dad on a Philippine photography forum. Not only did my dad announce the workshop, but he also said that my mom would speak about the business of photography. After all, his success at shooting wouldn't have been possible without her, and no whirlwind tour of professional photography would be complete without talking about the professional side of things. She managed it, though, and will probably refine her talk as she has more of these sessions.

I foresee my parents getting the hang of holding workshops... Maybe I can learn from them about life on the lecture circuit! =) I love this universe!

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2. Games: 19:18

I realized today that Nethack isn't fun for me. I admit, I like some of it, and it's kinda cool that I have a level 13 wizard who's currently wandering around the Quest level, and it does give me some geek cred, but it's not really doing it for me. My character runs into problems, and I'm like, darn, now I have to remember where I put that spellbook...

Freeciv is a little bit interesting because it's one of the strategy games my friends play.

Maybe I should try more puzzle games. I remember liking the fish game...

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