Headlines for Tuesday:

  1. The universe does not tolerate a chocolate deficiency (189 words)
  2. Good day (65 words)
  3. Orange and Bronze has discovered the secret to low employee turnover! (97 words)
  4. A tale of two houses (243 words)



1. The universe does not tolerate a chocolate deficiency: 00:03

I was feeling down because of the lack of progress on my thesis and because I felt that I didn't have control over some things that mattered to me. I talked to my dad (see earlier blog post). Not only did he solve my immediate problem of Internet access, but he also took me to my favorite deli and treated me to my favorite lasagna, then took me to Max Brenner (a high-end chocolate bar) and bought me the best classic dark chocolate cocoa powder you can find in Manila.

I hadn't talked to my mom about it, though. She must've either read my blog or listened to the universe telling her I felt sad (parents have a sixth sense for these things!), because she also bought me several different kinds of chocolate mix, this time for Spanish-style hot chocolate.

Nature abhors a vacuum, I guess. The universe will not tolerate a chocolate deficiency... =)

Happy girl. And when I'm happy, it's so much easier to learn stuff. I got almost all my AJAX/Rails to-learns finished today!

Random Emacs symbol: calendar-setup - Variable: The frame setup of the calendar.

2. Good day: 23:16

I talked to my research supervisor and wrote up the big picture document, which I'll revise tomorrow morning. I also finished browsing through the Rails Recipes book (yay! good investment). I worked on the prototype, making it database-backed and adding AJAX paging and detail views. Yay! Progress!

Random Emacs symbol: eshell-show-maximum-output - Command: Put the end of the buffer at the bottom of the window.

3. Orange and Bronze has discovered the secret to low employee turnover!: 23:18

I dropped by Orange and Bronze to find out what was going on in the company that employs a surprising number of my friends. =) They're cool. They work hard and they party hard. Their secret for low employee turnover? Mutual blackmail, it seems... ;) Oy, the stories that I can't blog!

It was great seeing them get along so well. Not everyone's going to be a good fit for their office culture, but those who are form strong bonds. This will be interesting.

Random Emacs symbol: sql-product-interactive - Command: Run product interpreter as an inferior process.

4. A tale of two houses: 23:29

The Alabang house is nice and relaxing. The Internet access is just as reliable (or not) as the access in Makati (darn Globe!). My mom really likes the house, and retreats there as often as she can. I have to confess, though, that staying in Makati doesn't really bother me.

Part of it is the fact that I like working from here. There's now a wired connection running straight to my desk, which means I can get up from bed, change into proper clothes, and start working. The room is airconditioned. There are plenty of books and notebooks at hand. When I want to relax, I can go play the piano. It's a nice place to work.

Another reason I prefer Makati is mobility. After I finish a good day's work, I want to meet friends or do things. Sometimes I do stuff during the day and just do extra work at night. Alabang doesn't have good public transit, so I can't go on my own. I feel guilty about taking the driver because of all the extra trips. I'd rather stay in Makati and take buses or taxis because then I can follow my own schedule.

I wouldn't mind spending weekends at Alabang, especially if everyone's in the mood to relax and take it easy. Makati works better for me, though.

Ay, the difficulties of two places to live...

Random Emacs symbol: mixal-mode - Command: Major mode for the mixal asm language.


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