Headlines for Wednesday:

  1. PhDcomics guy in Toronto, and I'm not there! (87 words)
  2. Driving lessons II (102 words)
  3. Creating Rainmakers (59 words)
  4. I love to make people's lives better (186 words)



1. PhDcomics guy in Toronto, and I'm not there!: 11:07

Join the creator of the popular comic strip for grad students, Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD) Jorge Cham on Wednesday January 24 at noon as he presents, The Power of Procrastination. Book signing to follow. Limited seating is available so please sign up online at www.careers.utoronto.ca. If you are not currently registered with the career centre, you will be asked to do this first in order to access the sign up schedule.


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2. Driving lessons II: 20:57

I can still make U-turns. And park. And deal with inclines. And park.

I'm too polite, though! <laugh> Whenever I saw a pedestrian trying to cross the street (and this is Manila, so that happens every few feet or so), I stop. My instructor had to tell me several times that sometimes it's not safe to slow down for pedestrians, and besides, in the Philippines, pedestrians are used to being honked at or ignored. I was, like, err... umm...

Canada must have rubbed off on me. =)

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3. Creating Rainmakers: 21:19

I spotted an intriguing book today. Creating Rainmakers: The Manager's Guide to Training Professionals to Attract New Clients. The book is expensive, but I'll go back and browse through it tomorrow to see if it's worth buying.

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4. I love to make people's lives better: 21:41

Last night, I insisted that my mom stop working. I wanted her to be able to spend some relaxed time with my dad, who's recovering from an operation. The mood in the house had been a little tense, and my mom was frowning at her computer again. She was answering e-mail; nothing that couldn't wait until the next day. I figured that I could get her to relax and enjoy the time by reminding her that the whole point of having a second house is to be able to leave work behind. It was a good approach, the right thing to say. She smiled and put away her computer, and we chatted for a while. I was glad to see her relaxed and smiling. I think I made her day a little better.

Maybe I have a gift for this. It comes easily to me, and even when it is difficult, it feels good to stretch myself. I love to bring out people's better selves. I *love* to bring out people's better selves.

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