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Headlines for Friday:

  1. Melt (41 words)
  2. Motivation (165 words)


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1. Melt: 11:06

Simon's parents are God's gift to cats, really. Who else would get outdoor heating pads to make winter a little more bearable for feral cats? Awwww...

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2. Motivation: 13:35

I'll give myself until August to do this thesis, just to see if I can. Hey, if I can hack my mind and change my sleeping patterns, I should be able to do this. It's not an ideal situation because my motivation for finishing the thesis is mainly extrinsic: I owe it to others. My reasons? It gives me an excuse to stick around in Canada for a little longer. And a degree from U of T might come in handy. So it's still worth doing, even if I feel restless. At the very least, I can uwe the time to find out how to work when I don't feel particularly into it. I'll do it anyway because my dad said that if you're ever going to quit, do your best and make them miss you when you walk away.

August. We'll see how I feel then.

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