Headlines for Saturday:

  1. It's almost time to leave (115 words)
  2. Welcome to the world, Alexander Nolan! (22 words)



1. It's almost time to leave: 22:41

Tomorrow I begin packing for my trip back to Canada. I don't know how I'll fit all of the Philippine handicrafts and costumes into my suitcase, but I know that I'll prioritize them over my casual clothes and books. Goodness knows how I'm going to wear a balintawak in winter, but I'll manage it somehow.

As I told Simon, I'm looking forward to going back, but I'm not looking forward to leaving. I'm still learning how to live in two worlds. I'm going to need to adjust again when I get back to Canada. It isn't so much jet lag as it is culture lag...

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2. Welcome to the world, Alexander Nolan!: 22:45

He's *adorable.* Yay Jen and Chris!

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