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Headlines for Sunday:


    Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated.
    A_Organize images
    A_Move all images into folders by month
    A_Catch up on e-mail
    AXPack clothes
    C_E-mail Mark Evans about Winston
    C_Ayala Museum, PESO

Clothes triage

Little black dress

  1. Spaghetti-strap LBD
  2. Mango LBD

Business bottoms

  1. Pinstripe slacks (need mending)
  2. Xara side-fastening slacks
  3. Wanko pinstripe skirt
  4. U crepe skirt
  5. Wanko black skirt
  6. Wool skirt

Business tops that don't need work

  1. Pink G2000
  2. White Zip-up
  3. Brown Sleeveless
  4. Pink striped light cotton
  5. White Mango cardigan
  6. White U2 sweater
  7. Tan Young VIP blouse
  8. Yellow Herbench embroidered blouse
  9. White Herbench embroidered blouse
  10. Gray Young VIP blouse
  11. White Ralph Lauren blouse
  12. Beige Wanko beaded sleeveless
  13. White Wanko V-neck
  14. White Wanko lace top
  15. Salmon Herbench embroidered top
  16. Maroon Color eighteen corduroy
  17. White Jessica short-sleeve blouse
  18. White Iora blazer with lace inserts
  19. Brown jacket
  20. Yellow linen top

Favorite casuals, bottoms

  1. white jeans
  2. Brown skirt
  3. Pink skirt
  4. Khaki Liz Clairborne shorts
  5. Red and blue cotton skirt
  6. Khaki Bombshell pants
  7. Olive Bombshell pants
  8. Navy Bombproof pants
  9. Orange dress
  10. Red malong
  11. White corduroy pants
  12. Orange scarf skirt
  13. Violet skirt
  14. Brown and purple malong
  15. Green skirt

Favorite casuals, tops

  1. Red halter
  2. Brown and gold camisole
  3. Red V-neck cap sleeves
  4. Brown and gold cami
  5. Black sun top
  6. Black Giordano V-neck drytech
  7. Black draped top
  8. Black glitter top
  9. Beige lace top
  10. Black long-sleeved top
  11. Black ribbon top
  12. Black tank top
  13. Black glittery halter top
  14. Purple high-neck top
  15. Pink Giordano knit top
  16. Violet striped T-shirt
  17. Khaki Jockey V-neck
  18. Black velvet cardigan
  19. Black velvet Chinese-style blouse
  20. Exercise top
  21. Black turtleneck
  22. White and pink ribboned top


  1. Aerosoles dressy
  2. Galo pumps
  3. Galo stilettos
  4. Rossa Pena wedges


  1. Gold and brown scarf
  2. Gray nightwear
  3. Penguin nightwear
  4. Yellow socks
  5. Swimsuit

Private stuff deleted.



  1. E-mail to Simon Rowland
  2. E-mail to Marcelle Fabie
  3. Reply to Clair Ching - sent today
  4. Reply to Diane Lazaro - sent today
  5. Reply to Pierre Duez - sent today
  6. E-mail to Simon Rowland
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