Headlines for Friday:

  1. All my bags are packed (36 words)
  2. At the Hong Kong International Airport (268 words)



1. All my bags are packed: 00:48

Props to my mom for mad repacking skills which allowed us to cram even more dried mangoes into my luggage.

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2. At the Hong Kong International Airport: 15:41

I'm at the HKIA. I've snagged a sleep pillow from one of the airport shops. I couldn't find a buckwheat lavender-scented sleeping pillow, but I guess that was pushing my luck. ;) I ended up choosing between a Samsonite dual-cushion pillow and a standard-looking Korjo one. The Korjo pillow won because I had *just* enough Hong Kong dollars to buy it and I didn't feel like converting money. This should make the return trip easier.

So, what's the plan?

I'm not going to get really good sleep. So much for my pimples. I've broken out into pimples because I've been drinking too little water over the past few days, but I plan to schedule an appointment with the dermatologist as soon as I can. I tend to break out badly during periods of high stress, low water, and little sleep... which is just about every long trip! Ah well. =)

There are a few movies I wouldn't mind catching. Marcelle will be happy to know that The Prestige is available, and I'm definitely going to catch that. I need to plan so that I don't have jetlag, though, as I have quite a full weekend ahead.

I'm going to land in Toronto at 8:50 PM, so I should be awake for maybe 12 hours during the flight. So four hours of sleep at the beginning, maybe a little more because of all the interruptions, and then I'll spend the rest of the time watching movies and writing. And drinking plenty of water and walking around, too.

Ah, timezones...

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