There's a reason for this. It's good to have space in your life so that even better things can come in. So even if it's tough, hang in there...

Headlines for Saturday:

  1. Movie seating for geeks (36 words)
  2. Clarity (67 words)
  3. My computer is groaning! (55 words)
  4. Permission to be sad, sir! (287 words)



1. Movie seating for geeks: 15:36

I've totally done this. 'course, I was a little too obvious about it, but hey... <laugh>

E-Mail from Leigh Honeywell

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2. Clarity: 19:02

Simon and I are no longer in a romantic relationship. And as much as I have the urge to go back and try to figure out how to make it work, the best thing for me to do right now is declare a one month moratorium on relationship-related stuff.

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3. My computer is groaning!: 19:24

So I'm slurping the bookmark database into my laptop in order to do offline prototyping, and it just can't take it... Not enough memory, I think. It's funny how computers don't really get slower, we just end up wanting to do too much with it...

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4. Permission to be sad, sir!: 23:30

I went to the Gorey last Friday to visit Quinn and Jed (Leigh's out of town) and share what's going on in my life. I needed company, and it was the best place I could go and they were the best people I could go to right then and there.

It's incredibly cathartic, being given permission to be sad and exploring my feelings with such insightful and accepting friends. They shared stories from their experiences and helped draw out how I felt. I felt sad, yes, but not for the initial reason that I supposed. At the same time, they didn't let me wallow in self-pity. They kept me busy, happy, and well-fed (and full of chocolate!). Quinn wrote me a beautiful letter, too, reminding me that while friends are good, they are also a way for me to distract myself from what I may need to face alone. Now that I'm back at Graduate House, I find myself more excited about the future than I am sad or disappointed.

I moved to a new suite within Graduate House, and my Internet connection here hasn't gotten fully hooked up yet. I'm going to the Gorey. Geek friends, wireless Internet, maybe even lunch and dinner into the bargain... Sure, the lab's just down the street, but the Gorey's worth the trip.

I'm so grateful to share this universe with people like them. I know other friends would have loved to share that part of life with me as well. There'll be other times, other sorrows, other joys... and I'm looking forward to all of it and sharing it with friends!

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