Headlines for Sunday:

  1. No, I'm not dead yet... (65 words)
  2. So I watched the opera last night... (70 words)
  3. Smile before you punch (417 words)
  4. Keys to my first apartment! (219 words)
  5. Happy (25 words)
  6. Cute socks! (55 words)



1. No, I'm not dead yet...: 11:31

... but opera is heaven. =)

I can't believe it took me this long to finally see a live performance of opera!

We watched Rigoletto yesterday. It sent me into transports of joy. Complex counterpoints and musical themes... yay!

I can't wait to watch La Traviata in a few hours...

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2. So I watched the opera last night...: 11:45

... and I was happy to see that the average audience age was well under 60. I wouldn't have minded having to dress up, though. ;) I have a baro't saya just waiting for warmer weather.

Yay surtitles! Yay cheap tickets! Yay culture!

Thanks to Wayne for the invitation. =)

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3. Smile before you punch: 11:54

(Catching up on a lot of unblogged events! =) )

Last Friday, I attended another session of krav maga, the Israeli self-defense martial art.

I have had _far_ too little practice throwing punches. I had to keep getting reminded to keep my thumb tucked in and my first two knuckles forward. The fighting stance was also difficult

I have the habit of biting my lip when I'm concentrating, which is not good in a fight. How can I avoid biting my lip? The easiest way, I've found, is to smile. Evilly.

I have a growing collection of bruises, too. Good thing I'm starting this in winter, when everyone's covering up in long sweaters as well.

So if I smile before I hit someone, you know why.

I'm thinking of getting into it. The class is a great aerobic workout, and someday I'm going to figure out how to do a full pushup instead of the half-pushups I've been doing. I don't feel dreadfully out of shape, just a little bit so, and I'm sure that'll improve over the next month.

How am I going to make the time for this, considering my schedule? <laugh> It's a good investment of time: exercise gives me more time and strength to deal with other things. Mens sana in corpore sano, too.

Budget? It's $100 per month, which I should actually still be able to squeeze into my budget if I take it from other things. I was thinking of taking a month to figure out my post-apartment budget, but momentum is important when it comes to physical exercise and other things that I'd like to make into habits.

I can do a lot of other things for exercise, but this one seems to fit the best. The instructor is good, too. I enjoy observing the way he teaches with encouragement. The class is small but friendly. The lessons are practical. And yeah, I want self-defense training and aerobic exercise more than I want tango...

I'll need to practice a lot in order to make things more instinctive, and I've got such a long way to go in order to catch up. I'll figure out how to get there by TTC and I'll give it a month or two to see if I can make it part of my schedule and what effect it has on everything else. =)

But it's so much fun... <laugh>

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4. Keys to my first apartment!: 11:59

I signed the lease the other day, and picked up my keys yesterday. I'm so excited! Wayne helped me make a floor plan. The space isn't that large, so I've decided to drop the bookcase divider and the dining set from my shopping list.

The living room will have two square coffee tables and eight floor cushions for maximum flexibility in seating (and the possibility of hosting board game nights). People who need to sit in proper seats will have to wait until my next apartment or reorganization, I guess. ;)

I'm thinking of making Sunday afternoons visiting hours for tea, which should give friends an opportunity to drop by and keep me company without significantly raising my grocery budget. I can always keep good tea and biscuits on hand (yay things that keep almost forever!). I'm planning to spend Sunday afternoons cooking for the week, too. I'm going to have my own kitchen - I can finally do that!

I'll need to figure out a nice storage solution. Small spaces can't be cluttered...

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy...

Managing my own place is on my checklist of things to do in life. ;) I'm looking forward to trying it out!

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5. Happy: 12:02

Sunny day, chocolate, clarity, life is good. =)

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6. Cute socks!: 12:04

Also, Wayne gave me a wonderful housewarming gift: a collection of rainbow-colored socks with messages like "I'm cute, so put me in charge." ;) His daughter had told me about them previously. They're awesome!

(And great timing, too, otherwise Rigoletto would've been so sad...)

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