Headlines for Monday:

  1. Downtown today (99 words)
  2. Developing a taste for opera (198 words)
  3. Futurama (71 words)
  4. Sore throat (29 words)
  5. Pot. Kettle. Onyx. (198 words)



1. Downtown today: 09:06

It turns out that my doctor's appointment is on Thursday and my facial (whee!) is on the 19th, so I don't actually have any strict appointments today. I do have to submit the ethics approval form, though, and I'd like to do as much of my move as possible. I also need to work on a professional site and update my resume. For my thesis, I can read research papers.

Lots of stuff to do today, but I think it will be a very good day. Nice and sunny...

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2. Developing a taste for opera: 09:15

This weekend was a whirlwind romance with opera. Two operas in two days, and now I've fallen in love with it. They were right - everything sounds better in Italian! <laugh>

I liked both Rigoletto and La Traviata, and was thrilled to finally be able to match familiar arias with images.

Penelope (the woman controlling the surtitles) asked us which of the two operas we preferred. Of the two, I liked La Traviata's story more than Rigoletto's, although I liked the performance of Rigoletto more. Wayne favors Rigoletto. Penelope told us that she finds that men tend to prefer Rigoletto and women tend to prefer La Traviata, and she joked that La Traviata's considered to be the chick flick of operas.

On further reflection, I think that Rigoletto has more complex tragedies. Still, it's hard to squelch a distaste for the Duke in Rigoletto, who reminds us that pretty boys get away with far too much... <laugh> "La donna e mobile" is a beautiful song, but so cynical!

It's so wonderful to be able to *see* the opera in my head as I listen to the music. Ah, joy...

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3. Futurama: 09:21

Dropped by the Gorey last night to catch up with friends. And meet my quota of hugs, too - I had only one during the entire week! <sniff> Yay friends I can hug for no reason...

We watched Futurama. I hadn't seen Futurama in a while, but oh, it was hilarious... Yay geek humor!


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4. Sore throat: 09:30

Also, I'm coming down with a bit of a sore throat, which may or may not mean being antisocial today. But I was so looking forward to baking cookies!

5. Pot. Kettle. Onyx.: 12:18

Obsidian. ;)


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