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  1. Books, books, books (202 words)



1. Books, books, books: 23:05

I checked out an armload of books from the Toronto Public Library today, indulging in a little fiction (ah, Regency romances with their ever-so-proper heroines!), growing my mind with business books, enriching my soul with reflections on life.

Hmm. I'm starting to strongly feel the need for a bookshelf. Actually, le's start with a shelf that can double as a work surface or food serving surface, at most 162 cm long, 59 cm wide, and 90 cm tall. Preferably a bit lower, because I find that lower counters are easier for me to cut on. Also, I would like an adjustable shelf so that I can use it to store books, games, and serving stuff.

Books would be nice to keep around. Then I can add a new note to my tea parties. People who feel the need to drop out of the conversation temporarily in order to recharge can read books without any social stigma... ;) Because my place is so small, they can't actually get isolated from the conversation. They'll still hear everything that's going on, and they can jump in any time they want to rejoin the conversation.

But yes, books and a book case for this book-nutcase... =)


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