Headlines for Tuesday:

  1. Pinakbet (95 words)
  2. Krav and Evil Dead (46 words)



1. Pinakbet: 22:52

For dinner, W made pinakbet (Canadian style!). J didn't like bitter melon at all, but bravely swallowed six pieces down. I'm not too fond of bitter melon myself, but salt and other vegetables make it doable. It was so nice of W. to make a point of cooking something Filipino, though! I can't wait to introduce them to arroz caldo. I should do that while it's still cold.

Also, found Nissin's Spicy Chicken Yakisoba at the No Frills supermarket. The next time I feel homesick for the Philippines, you know what I'm going to eat...

2. Krav and Evil Dead: 22:54

Sunday sessions of krav maga are cancelled because the gym is being used for "Evil Dead - the Musical". Thoughts of singing zombies lurched through my head. ;)

Singing zombies. Heh.

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