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  1. I miss my family (185 words)



1. I miss my family: 16:05

The only way to keep sane is to not wish that I was somewhere else, but I really really miss my family. I'm so proud to be part of my family, and I'm looking forward to setting aside more time to write letters and keep in touch.

I love hearing news about what's going on at home. My mom's blog is full of her stories and insights, and she e-mails me about things that aren't bloggable. I read and reread the remarkably mature letter my sister wrote to the admissions committee of the photography school she had been dreaming of attending, declining their offer because circumstances have changed at home.

It's easy to get caught up in all the exciting things I can do here, but I need to protect that me-time I use to write and catch up with my family and friends, and with myself too. When I write, I get to know myself better, and I get to know wonderful people better too.

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