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Headlines for Friday:

  1. Don Marti's e-mail productivity hack (246 words)
  2. Strange wikindx error (97 words)


    Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated.
    CCRemove GH test entries
    AXCatch up on some of my mail
    AXSet up wikindex
    AXSend Diego Rivera pain points, tasks, description
    AXUpdate my DNS settings
    CXStart the long and arduous process of cancelling netfirms registration
    CXCancel Air Canada newsletter



1. Don Marti's e-mail productivity hack: 13:57

See for inspiration.

;;;_+ Inbox anti-addiction hack
;; The following code implements the inbox productivity hack described
;; by Don Marti in .
;; People are not allowed to check mail for more messages unless the
;; number of ticked items has decreased since the last time checked
;; or `sacha/gnus-inbox-time-threshold' seconds have passed.
;; Use ! (tick article) to mark articles as needing action.
;; Modify the logic if you move messages from your inbox into some kind
;; of archive (which is probably a better idea).

(defvar sacha/gnus-inbox-time-threshold (seconds-to-time (* 60 60 2))
  "*Number of seconds before you can check again if you haven't done any work.
Nil means don't use time.")
(defvar sacha/gnus-inbox-group "mail.misc"
  "*Group to consider as inbox.")

(defvar sacha/gnus-inbox-last-count nil "Number of ticked items in inbox.")
(defvar sacha/gnus-inbox-last-check nil "Timestamp of last check.")

(defun sacha/gnus-inbox-decreased-p ()
  "Return non-nil if you are allowed to check mail.
Based on"
  (or (not (numberp sacha/gnus-inbox-last-count)) ;; First time called
      (and sacha/gnus-inbox-last-check
           (not (time-less-p (time-since sacha/gnus-inbox-last-check)
      (or (= (sacha/gnus-inbox-count) 0)
          (< (sacha/gnus-inbox-count)

(defadvice gnus-group-get-new-news (around sacha/gnus-inbox-check-mail activate)
  "Allow only if the inbox count has decreased."
  (if (sacha/gnus-inbox-decreased-p)
    (error "Get your mail count below %d first." sacha/gnus-inbox-last-count))
  (setq sacha/gnus-inbox-last-count (sacha/gnus-inbox-count)
        sacha/gnus-inbox-last-check (current-time)))

(defun sacha/gnus-inbox-count ()
  "Return number of ticked items in `sacha/gnus-inbox-group'."
    (gnus-summary-read-group-1 sacha/gnus-inbox-group nil t nil t)
    (length gnus-newsgroup-marked)))

Random Emacs symbol: set-process-filter-multibyte - Function: Set multibyteness of the strings given to PROCESS's filter.

2. Strange wikindx error: 16:16

Whenever I post a note to wikindx, it pops up a dialog prompting me to save or edit index.php. This probably means that a file type is getting screwed up somewhere. However, index.php views fine by itself. I think that means that in the code that handles those particular functions, a content type is not getting set (or is getting set to something it shouldn't be).

Ah, I give up. I'll use Emacs to manage my bibliography and my quotes.

Random Emacs symbol: read-file-name - Function: Read file name, prompting with PROMPT and completing in directory DIR.


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