Headlines for Saturday:

  1. Wahoo! Inbox zero! (51 words)
  2. Shoe shopping Saturday (346 words)



1. Wahoo! Inbox zero!: 22:43

At least for my personal mail. Don Marti, your e-mail productivity hack rocks. Now I'm tracking inbox size in public (see the line after the list of e-mail sent), and it's a lot more fun.

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2. Shoe shopping Saturday: 23:03

The sneakers I bought at Payless Shoesource have been woefully inadequate for the demands of krav maga. Kicking and punching is hard when you're sliding all over the place! I needed a pair of sneakers with better grip and lateral support. Besides, if I don't have the equipment I need to make the most of my exercise time, then I'm wasting time and money. So - new shoes.

And sport socks, too. We picked those up from Zeller's, and W made sure I found comfort-seam socks because they're more, well, comfortable. I'm not a sock snob yet; we'll see.

We went to the Running Room to look at shoes, but they stocked only running shoes. I got a good sense of what the prices were, though. Proper athletic shoes could set me back anywhere from a hundred to two hundred dollars, which is an awful lot of books. But hey, mens sana in corpore sano, and in this case, good shoes could really make a difference between enjoying exercise and worrying about slipping and hurting myself.

There was another shoe store a little further on, so W and I went there. New Balance stocked cross-trainers. I was glad to see that they had shoes in my size, although the pairs I tried were too high at the back, had arch support in the wrong place, were too stiff, etc.

Then the store clerk brought out a pair of sneakers with the disclaimer that they were size 5. I put them on. They looked like they fit. Actually, theyt looked cartoonishly wide, but they fit. I went, "Hmm." We tried that and the another pair of shoes (same size, not so wide), and the wide sneakers felt more comfortable. Sold!

And just because the world is so absolutely wonderful, this pair of sneakers was on sale... at more than $100 off. So I got it for $31.75, including tax!

Sweet. I can put the rest of the money back into my budget. Yay!

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