Headlines for Friday:

  1. Finished writing Emacs mail article! (109 words)
  2. Much done (86 words)

Goals for today: - Finish all the usability tests - Schedule a meeting with Gordon - Send abstract to AoT conference - Write Emacs article




1. Finished writing Emacs mail article!: 21:36

Woohoo! I finished the Emacs mail productivity article that Don Marti asked me to write. If you look back at my past few days of inbox entries, you'll note that I haven't really been staying at Inbox Zero - but at least it feels manageable. I also threw in a few more tips, like mail scoring. Much much much fun.

I'll let them publish it first, 'cause they're paying me for it. Then I'll repost it over here after some time... =)

Well, that was fun. =D

Random Emacs symbol: keyboard-coding-system - Function: Return coding system specified for decoding keyboard input. - Variable: Specify coding system for keyboard input.

2. Much done: 21:40

Also done with practically all of the data gathering for my thesis. It went surprisingly well! I don't know what I was so afraid of. I have maybe one or two more data points on Monday, but I already have enough data to make my research supervisor comfortable.

I will celebrate with a nice long bath and a good weekend. That's it... Besides, I need to decompress before all of my job-related interviews!

Random Emacs symbol: ido-enter-insert-buffer - Command: Drop into insert buffer from insert file.


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