Headlines for Friday:

  1. Exercise (146 words)
  2. Driving me crazy (132 words)
  3. Pinball (218 words)



1. Exercise: 11:00

We sometimes do high-five pushups during krav maga exercise/self-defense classes. I haven't gone in a while, but feeling an itch to do something active today, I decided to do some of the warmups. This time, however, I incorporated the book that I was reading. For example, I turned the high-five pushups into page-turn pushups, turning the pages with one hand. I did leg raises while reading, situps while reading, side leg raises while reading... you get the picture. This made the exercises a little more interesting.

Hmm, maybe I should revive my iPod and speech-synthesize some text files...

I still haven't worked up a sweat. It would be better to do this in clothes that I don't mind sweating in. I did manage to get my heart rate up, though.

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2. Driving me crazy: 18:25

The acrid smell of burnt rubber filled the driveway of our Alabang house, testimony to the difficulties I was having with hanging starts. I kept releasing the clutch prematurely, resulting in rapid backsliding down the steep incline. I think I spent half an hour on that slope, and had to content myself with the awesome achievement of slipping back only a foot before the car started moving forward again. I need to work on that more before I trust myself out in traffic.

I had no problems driving around, though, aside from always wincing whenever I thought I passed something a little too closely on my right-hand side.

I wonder if I still remember how to park.

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3. Pinball: 19:45

I've always been fascinated by the flashing lights and mechanical contraptions of pinball machines, so it was with great delight that I noticed that Timezone in Greenbelt 3 had two spiffy new machines: Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. I had been a little out of sorts that evening, but I couldn't resist trying both of them out. My dad played as well, and it was fun reminiscing about the pinball machines we played in France and the computer game we used to play all night.

I remember figuring out the exact timing I needed to hit the bonus ramps over and over and over again. Computers allow you that kind of consistency. The physical world is more random but also more fun as you deal with the chaos of balls cascading down and careening around the playing field. Besides, the cost (the equivalent of CAD 0.50 for three balls) adds spice to every game.

An arcade hidden along Yonge Street has a good array of pinball machines, and I seem to remember that you could play them for a quarter. I should make a trip back there sometime.

A pinball wizard I am not, but I do like the game.

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