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If my dad ever invites you on a roadtrip, say yes—but pack lots of clothes and money, and cancel anything you've got scheduled for the next few days. With my dad, you never know where you're going to end up!

My parents blocked off several weekdays to spend time with me. My dad suggested going up north on a 3-day trip. He loves the mountains. Me, I'm not too fond of zig-zag roads and Banaue had felt a little cramped last time we were there. Besides, with the onset of rainy season, short trips seemed more manageable than long ones, so I suggested going on a series of leisurely day trips.

So the plan was to go around Laguna today: a trip along the lakefront to the south. A few minutes after leaving the house, though, my dad suggested going to Baguio instead. Fortunately, this time we changed plans early enough for us to grab more clothes from the house. One time, we were just going to Tagaytay—an easy day-trip—and we ended up in Bicol on a several-day roadtrip. I was *not* happy about not knowing when I'd be back that time, but I think this time I might actually be able to get back in time for a party on Thursday.

Baguio is okay, although there's a lot more traffic than there used to be. The landmarks my parents remember have either closed or seem to be on the brink of closing. Times are changing. The sunset view is still stunning, though, even though the best view now seems to be the one from the mall.

My dad's been teaching me how to shoot with a proper SLR camera. It's a lot more powerful than my other camera, although my other camera has a few features that I really like. I had fun shooting the sunset with a long exposure, improvising support by wedging the camera into the rails. This brought out the subtle hues that I couldn't see any more, although I still had a little camera shake. More practice—or more tripod, which would also solve that problem quite handily.

Tomorrow we're going to an artists' village. Maybe I'll pick up something.

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