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  1. I want to be a mad inventor (537 words)
  2. Plodding away on my thesis (121 words)



1. I want to be a mad inventor: 06:40

When I grow up, I want to be a mad inventor. Here's my reasoning:

  • I *love* being creative. I love looking at something and thinking of what's cool about it, ways to improve it, and how to apply those ideas to other things. I want to exercise that creativity. Ideas are free and implementation is everything. I want to get better at taking a crazy idea from coffee-table napkin sketch to prototype and even to distribution.
  • If we can tap the creative energies of other people, how wonderful can that be?
  • I want microenterprises with global distribution to be popular in the future. I think that if we made it easier for people with an intimate knowledge of the market to create even simple products that meet those needs, then we can develop a lot of things without spending too much on advertising.
  • Studies show that women generally earn less than men and lose about five years of earning potential for every year they stay at home, but are generally more inclined towards entrepreneurship. I want to figure out how to make things better for myself and then teach others.
  • I want to have plenty of things to write and speak about, and constantly creating and refining things will give me plenty of material as well as practice my creativity.

Here's my plan for growing in this area:

# Spend my non-work time developing prototypes that I can do on my own and for which I can easily find people who will want it for free or for a small cost. This will give me practice in prototyping and start growing my distribution network.

# Learn how to sell things for a little bit more, and widen the distribution network. This will give me practice in creating value for people and making money in the process. This will also give me a crazy idea kitty.

# Use some of the crazy idea kitty to create a prototype of something that I'll need other people's help with, but which can easily be sold. This will give me practice in working with other people on an idea. Build up more capital.

# Work with investors to create a prototype of something that I'll need other people's help with, and sell this. This will teach me how to work with other people's money.

# Work with investors to widen the distribution of a few of these things by reaching mass distribution channels. This will teach me how to scale.

# Reach out to other potential inventors and help them connect with prototyping help, production help, and distribution.

I can start by developing things in my off time, but I'll eventually get to the point of wanting to focus on this full time, so I'll save up for a year's sabbatical.

I can also jump-start this by learning how to develop production and distribution networks, going to inventors' fairs, and connecting people. This may even get me commissions later on, which will help with my crazy idea kitty.

All of this is better done with others. I wonder where I can find inventors and other inventor-wannabes...

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2. Plodding away on my thesis: 07:48

So I'm transcribing the interviews of the usability study. It's nice hearing the good things again, but I'm seriously thinking that this is not stuff I want to spend that many hours of my life on, even if it's classic research assistant work.

It takes me around 3 hours to transcribe a recording. Let's say that it takes other people longer to do that, say 5 hours. There are six recordings left. I should spend Friday looking for an audio transcription service based in the Philippines, or someone who's willing to do it.

Does anyone know how I can get this sorted out?

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