Headlines for Friday:

  1. Party (116 words)
  2. Gah, panic (75 words)
  3. Fine, I'll do it myself (30 words)
  4. Thinking about the Ottawa Linux Symposium (163 words)
  5. Travel arrangements (86 words)
  6. Global opportunities in software development: talk by Winston Damarillo (297 words)



1. Party: 00:54

We made it back to Manila in time for the party for IT geeks at the Museum Cafe in Greenbelt. The event was hosted by Exist and had an open bar. The upper floor of the cafe was packed with people from Exist, Narra VC, Orange and Bronze, and other companies. It was awesome reconnecting with people I hadn't seen in a while, and I also enjoyed meeting new people. Two years (maybe even three) away from the Philippine tech scene, and I still fit right in... I had fun. =)

I owe lots of people e-mail, which is a good success indicator for networking events.

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2. Gah, panic: 00:58

My flight's not been booked yet, and I really want to make it back in time for something on June 10. I can probably fudge my departure date a little bit, but I'm starting to feel a bit nervous about my thesis.

I can get through this. Must remember to enjoy people's company. And write family a letter.

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3. Fine, I'll do it myself: 01:07

Looks like the numbers for doing it myself are still better than the ones for outsourcing them.

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4. Thinking about the Ottawa Linux Symposium: 01:41

The $250 or $275 student registration fee's a little steep for me given that I don't really work in core Linux space and I don't have an employer paying my way. However, I *am* quite curious about it. I keep meaning to do something with the Kernel Janitors project. I might have an opportunity to go and maybe even snag a $50 event pass, but will that get me into all the events, just one event, just one day's events, just the reception...?

I should be mostly working on my thesis anyway, so I won't attend most of the sessions. Doesn't make sense to register for the full conference.

I'd like to go, but for cheap, if possible. I'll see how much the event pass will let me get away with, and I'll work on my thesis the rest of the time. =)

Sounds like a plan.

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5. Travel arrangements: 09:38

Departure (Manila, Philippines - Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
From To Airline Flight # Departure Date/Time Arrival Date/Time
MNL NRT Japan Air 746 Tue, Jun 05/07, 9:00 AM Tue, Jun 05/07, 2:25 PM
NRT YYZ Air Canada 2 Tue, Jun 05/07, 7:00 PM Tue, Jun 05/07, 5:50 PM

Okay, at least that's sorted out...

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6. Global opportunities in software development: talk by Winston Damarillo: 21:37

I attended Winston Damarillo's lecture on global opportunities in software development today. The audience included faculty from UP, Ateneo, and DLSU, three of the top universities in the country.

I'll write more about it soon, but Winston's key points was that IT is something in which we can be globally competitive, and we should export products and services instead of people. He shared his experiences starting several companies, and a repeatable model for microenterprises that takes advantage of an architecture of participation, instant distribution capability, and promotion through the Web.

Winston is optimistic about this field because of the disruptiveness of technology: as incumbent solutions become overbuilt, space opens up for a small competitor that can focus on satisfying a target market with a simpler solution. That company can easily be based in the Philippines, creating wealth for Filipinos.

There's a lot of work to be done before our graduates can make the most of these opportunities. Here are some of the things we need to do:

  • Inspire prospective and current students through seminars and talks by role models and success stories in person and through mass media
  • Train teachers and students through code camps
  • Take advantage of courseware and resources offered by the industry
  • Incorporate open source technologies and principles in computer science courses
  • Supplement teacher salaries so that there's a stronger incentive to stay and teach
  • Help teachers gain industry experience
  • Address real-world needs in computer science projects
  • Grow a codebase for the university through sponsored, coordinated projects
  • Incorporate business into computer science courses so that students are prepared to identify and fulfill needs
  • Incubate startups through university incubators

Interesting things coming up. Stay tuned.

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