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1. CAS BBQ pictures: 13:39

Lots of pics with my new camera - yay! What do you get when you mix a bunch of overeducated students with food and drinks? We all trooped over to Kelly's house to find out. (Kelly Lyons is the head of CAS.)

Uma gave us nametags with numbers on the back. After we mingled, we turned the nametags over so that the numbers showed, and then wrote down as many name-number combinations as we could.

We also took turns guessing cards (places, people, things) on our back, which turned out to be quite an interesting game.

It wasn't just a burger BBQ. Caesar salad, pasta, tarts, and yummy chocolate...

I took pictures with the Fuji S3 my dad lent me—a solid pro camera that drew lots of admiring comments from the photography geeks in the crowd. I'm still a beginner, though. You won't see the hundreds of photos I threw away!

My favorite photo in terms of composition is:

And here's one for the ibmcats blog (blurry because of low indoor light and camera shake):

But the cats really were adorable:

It was lots of fun. =) Check out the rest of my CAS photos or my 200 most recent pictures!

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