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Headlines for Sunday:

  1. Week in review (151 words)


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1. Week in review: 22:27

  • Back in Canada to work on my thesis.
  • Outlined my thesis and started panicking about timing of work. Have decided to adjust my expected finish date in order to preserve sanity.
  • Finished notes from screen captures.
  • Found my keys, yay!
  • Got a new SIM and a new charger. My phone's okay now.
  • Finally unpacked and settled in.
  • Found a little time to breathe. Wrote my family a long message. Replied to my sister, too.
  • Still sorting out my schedule for the next few weeks. Will squeeze speaking engagements into weekends.

Next week:

  • Write results section of thesis.
  • Get the paperwork started for extension of study permit.
  • Ping people in job search process once I get a more reasonable estimate of finishing time.

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