Headlines for Monday:

  1. Sorted out my working area (40 words)
  2. Gazpacho (62 words)



1. Sorted out my working area: 22:40

It feels *so* nice to have labeled folders and an inbox and assorted other things that just make it easier to get things done.

Random Emacs symbol: ESC-prefix - Function: Prefix command (definition is a keymap associating keystrokes with commands).

2. Gazpacho: 22:43

We made gazpacho today. The chilled vegetable soup was perfect for a summer evening. It looked icky while we were making it, but settled into a light but complex blend of flavors that only looked like swamp sludge. ;)

Gazpacho with homemade corn bread, yum yum yum...

Random Emacs symbol: erc-server-select - Command: Interactively select a server to connect to using `erc-server-alist'.


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