Headlines for Wednesday:

  1. Charades (62 words)
  2. Business cards (456 words)
  3. Worked on my thesis some more (63 words)
  4. Lego (61 words)

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1. Charades: 22:29

We had a little time earlier, so we all played charades. W suggested a marvellous way to do three-player charades: have the person who _didn't_ guess it first be the one to stand up and do the next one. This makes sure that everyone's involved. Good stuff, good stuff...

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2. Business cards: 22:44

I changed my business card design again. This time I'm doing a 2 x 2 experiment testing the effect of my tagline ("tech evangelist, storyteller, geek" vs "speaker, writer, storyteller, geek") and the orientation of the text on the back (talking points, etc).

One of the first things that Winston Damarillo asked for when I met him in Manila was one of my business cards, which he'd heard so much about because of my blog. I didn't have any then (gasp, gasp!), so I'm snailmailing him a card with two annotated copies of my business card (front and back).

Here are some of my notes from several iterations of business cards. (I really should archive them...)

Name: Sacha Chua. That's what I go by. =)

Tagline: An unconventional job title (or titles) like "tech evangelist, storyteller, geek" tells people that this is not a typical business card, and usually provides people with an easy question: "so, what does a tech evangelist (/storyteller) do?" A little harder to pull off in non-tech crowds, though, because "evangelist" has other strong (and often negative) associations. I'm trying out a new batch of cards that say "speaker, writer, storyteller, geek", and will give either that or the evangelist version depending on the conversaetion.

Icon: The stylized black-and-white icon is recognizable as my face, but still reproduces well in prints and photocopies. Good visual cue for people who might be going through stacks of business cards after a conference. Also, adds a smile to the business card. People have complimented me on the use of simple images like that.

Tagline: I'm playing around with the tagline. It used to be something about making the world smaller. Now it's about discovering and sharing tips, and it points out the talking points on the back of the card. The tagline's also been very useful, and people have complimented me on it (and told me to put it back when I experimented with no-tagline cards!)

Talking points at back: Various things to talk about. Networking tips, tools, etc. General enough to cover most events, although I'll still customize it for specific occasions.

This isn't the final form of my business card yet. I'm sure I'll come up with other crazy ideas. Kaizen—constant improvement! For example, I still have to test it with a business card scanner. I'd also love to figure out how to more effectively use whitespace to draw the eye and balance the card. And the talking points keep changing...

But yes, business cards. One day I should write a proper article or prepare a good presentation about the evolution of my business cards, how paying attention to the details helps, and some ideas people can use for their own business cards...

3. Worked on my thesis some more: 22:45

Crunching along. I've organized all my usability study notes by subject and am now pasting quotes into the qualitative results section.

In other news, my study permit application is mainly waiting for the letter from the MIE department. I've got all the other paperwork - yay!

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4. Lego: 23:14

So I'm reading this book called "Outside INnovation: How your customers will co-design your company's future", and the first two case studies are Lego and National Instruments (who did the programming environment for the new generation of Lego). <grin> I love how life fits.

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