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1. Zomg, I'm a graduate student: 20:27

Life has a way of creeping up and surprising you at the strangest moments. Today I had my "Oh my goodness, I'm actually a graduate student" moment. W. and I were talking about the development of expertise. We were planning how to spend our leisure time. I mentioned this little tidbit I picked up from somewhere: expertise takes around 10,000 hours to develop. This is around ten years of practicing three hours a day, and you can start now.

W. found this bit of trivia interesting. I told him how I remembered reading the abstract but hadn't tracked down the paper. Naturally, this made me want to look it up. While I was taking a break from writing my thesis, I looked up the webpage from which I got the tidbit. It cited two books. The Toronto Public Library didn't carry the books, so I searched for other citations and full-text copies of papers.

The University of Toronto has an awesome research library. Granted, there were a few papers I couldn't easily access, but I could get copies of all the seminal works. Not only that, but the academic search services even let me filter through the papers that cited these works to see follow-up papers in computer science and engineering. Wow.

Which brings me back to my zomg-I'm-a-graduate-student moment: an off-hand comment during a casual conversation prompted me to look up not only the original paper but also the papers that cite it. I have access to such a vast array of knowledge through my university library. *And* I know how to read the research papers now, and maybe I can even translate them into ordinary-speak...

Two years of my life in exchange for access to centuries of knowledge. Not a bad deal, not a bad deal at all.


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