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1. Ottawa Linux Symposium: 22:31

So I managed to get to Ottawa (yay!) and I might be able to get into the OLS on an event pass. We'll see if that lets me get into sessions. =) If so, I'll be there for the keynote. I might attend the afternoon sessions in Rockhopper, although low-level hacking isn't really my current thing.

I'm looking forward to the visualization paper on Thursday morning (Emperor, 10:00), the Friday evening BoF for OLPC, and the closing keynote on Saturday evening. I might also drop by the various BoFs just to get a feel for what the communities are like.

During the rest of the time, I need to:

  • work on my thesis
  • walk around downtown Ottawa
  • take pictures with my camera

If I'm not out and about or in a session, I'll probably be in one of the corridors or meeting rooms. I'll be easy to spot - one of the very few women around...

Almost makes me want to join the Kernel Janitors project so that I'd properly belong. ;)

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