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Headlines for Wednesday:

  1. Gender balance: Ottawa Linux Symposium (52 words)
  2. So this is what it feels like to not be a geek (82 words)



1. Gender balance: Ottawa Linux Symposium: 09:56

I'm at the Ottawa Linux Symposium, a Linux event for hardcore low-level kernel geeks—of which there are roughly 500 for the opening plenary. This includes around ten women. I guess that's a good sign—I was almost afraid there'd be fewer!

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2. So this is what it feels like to not be a geek: 23:47

The key thing I learned from the Ottawa Linux Symposium today is that I am not a low-level geek. I can probably be one if I cared, but I don't. I am slowly coming to terms with this idea, as the OLS is one of very few conferences that have actually made me feel ungeeky. So instead of sneaking into the sessions today, I went to the National Gallery instead.

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