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Tonight I had dinner with Don Marti and Don Becker. Wow! Imagine that! Well over an hour and a half of their stories and ideas and thoughts, and all because Don Marti (to whom I already owe tons of writing opportunities) thought I might enjoy having dinner with them. And I did! I learned about trade shows (making the most of them as exhibitors and as media), startups (count on not having a life and be careful about your investment structure), and the challenges of constant travel.

And then Simon Law called me up and told me about the Linuxchix birds-of-a-feather session at a nearby cheesecake place, and *that* was wonderful too. He introduced me to everyone else as an Emacs hacker (I guess that's instant geek cred! ;) ). I'll write more about the conversations and the laughter (and the Wii gaming) tomorrow!

All it takes is one person, one Connector, to pull you into the most amazing conversations with people you wouldn't otherwise have met. Don Marti and Simon Law made the OLS totally awesome for me. =) I can't want to see what the next year's conference will be like!

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