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This week's main accomplishment was the compilation of my first draft, which is currently being reviewed by my supervisor. While waiting for his comments, I'm reading tons of research papers so that I can expand my review of related literature. My research paper got accepted to CASCON 2007. I'll need to edit it down to four pages and include my updates resultes. We'll probably schedule my defense for early September at the latest. I think we'll manage it. It feels doable now.

I've mailed my application for an extension of my study permit. I'm not too worried about getting denied. I think I have a good case for it, and it would be silly to cancel my studies *now.* <laugh>

I've moved to Dreamhost for both web and mail hosting, so my outgoing e-mail should properly reflect my e-mail address: sacha@sachachua.com .

Personally, it's been an eventful week. My mom called me, concerned about a doctor's visit that turned up on my TODO list. It was actually just a chat with the doctor, as I wanted to ask about some things I'd read about. Understandably concerned because of the lack of detail on my blog, my mom called me up and we talked for around two hours about various issues.

One of the main issues is that I don't keep in touch with my family enough. I almost never initiate conversations. My family is half a world away and I don't keep instant messaging on (interruptions are evil!), so we don't have that many opportunities to "run into" each other or do things together. I need to figure out what kind of relationship I have and want to have with my family. Close and happy beats distant and stressed, for sure.

Fortunately, my mom and I have practiced enough emotion-fu to be able to make progress even during emotionally-charged conversations. One thing that will make her happier is if I start the conversation more often. Let's try maybe two weeks of putting a secret family-related task on my TODO list...

Next week: Update review of related literature.

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